Neonatal Surgery

Neonatal surgery deals exclusively with newborns who are born with congenital problems and require surgical correction. These babies require intensive care, beginning prenatally. At the time of prenatal screening, if any anomalies are discovered, a pediatric surgeon meets with the expecting families to counsel them regarding the way forward. The prenatal visits are used to plan and prepare for the operation that will be needed after birth.

Commonly Performed Newborn Surgeries:-

  • Tracheo-esophageal fistula
  • Diaphragmatic Hernia
  • Duodenal and other intestinal atresia
  • Anorectal malformation
  • Hirschsprungs Disease
  • Malrotation
  • Pyloric stenosis
  • Congenital Abdominal wall defects(Gastroschisis/Omphalocele)

Interesting case

2 day old baby was not tolerating feeds and was vomiting green fluid. The baby had congenital obstruction of the intestines and underwent surgery and was found to have atresia (non development of the intestines). The non developed segments were removed and healthy intestine was rejoined.

Dr. Ashish Prasad

Consultant Paediatric Surgery and Paediatric Urology
MBBS, DNB (General Surgery), DNB (Paediatric Surgery)

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