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Dr. Ashish Prasad

Consultant Paediatric Surgery and Paediatric Urology
MBBS, DNB (General Surgery), DNB (Paediatric Surgery)

Dr. Ashish Prasad is currently working as consultant in the Paediatric Urology and Paediatric Surgery team at the BLK Centre for Child health, after finishing his M.B.B.S, he completed his DNB in General Surgery, and then did further specialization.

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We are Specialised in

  • Paediatric Urology

    Pediatric Urology deals with disorders of the Genitourinary System in children, that include the kidneys, ureters, bladder, sexual and reproductive organs. Read More

  • Paediatric Laparoscopy

    A number of Laparoscopic surgeries can be performed, common among them include. Laparoscopic orchidopexy, Laparoscopic appendicectomy Read More

  • Neonatal Surgery

    Neonatal surgery deals exclusively with newborns who are born with congenital problems and require surgical correction. These babies require intensive Read More

  • Paediatric General Surgery

    Pediatric surgery is a sub speciality of general surgery pertaining to patients ranging from new-borns to 16 years of age. Read More

  • Paediatric Thoracic Surgery

    Pediatric thoracic surgery involves the diseases of the chest, whether congenital, such as a birth defect eg, or acquired. Read More

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    What is Choledochal Cyst ?

    Choledochal cyst is a birth defect, characterized by the swelling or cystic transformation of the bile duct. The liver produces bile to digest food. Read More

    Thoracoscopic Surgery In Children

    Thoracoscopic surgery, is a Minimally Invasive Surgery which uses multiple small incisions, and is suitable for children who need to undergo surgery for various chest conditions. Read More